Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to meet with a College Counselor?

Not knowing the age of your student this is a “that depends” answer. I can meet with ninth and tenth grade families to establish a college “roadmap” for the student’s high school years. Winter of a student’s junior year is a great time to begin the college selection process. If your student is beginning his/her senior year, I would suggest we connect sooner rather than later.

My student’s first choice school is an Ivy League college. Can you help him/her get in?

I cannot get any student into any college. I can, however, help your student identify what it is about that particular school that is so appealing to him/her. From that point we can put together a college list that will consist of “good fit” schools that your student would be excited about attending. With over four thousand colleges in the U.S., there is no one “perfect” school.

I am in charge of a college information session for my student’s Scout Troop. Do you do workshops?

Absolutely! I would be happy to work with you to present a workshop for your Scouts. This can be with just the Scouts or a joint presentation to the Scouts and their parents. My workshops include interactive activities that are meant to engage the participants and stimulate conversation within the group.

Our family finances are limited. Could my student still work with you?

Certainly. There is no magic number of counseling sessions. Depending on your family’s needs we can work together to optimize the sessions according to your finances.

My high school junior has not expressed interest in any one college. Where do I start?

This is not at all unusual. Your student is probably so caught up in his/her day-to-day activities that college (which is two years away) is not in the forefront of his/her mind. As one of my students put it so aptly: “How do I know where I want to go to college. I have never been!” Often talking to someone outside of the family, i.e. a College Counselor, will be an excellent way to begin the college exploration process.

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