We contacted Sally Mehaffey at College Connections out of frustration with canned student prep programs which offer, and overcharge for, much more than we needed. Our son was able to focus, with Sally, on schools and techniques which applied specifically to his interests, aptitudes and strengths. Sally is the consummate professional, allowing all the time necessary to work with our son, even at our home after school, when he was unable to drive. We recommend her without hesitation.

Sally Mehaffey worked with my son, a senior graduating in 2011, to help him get through the daunting task of applying to colleges. He had a few ideas already, but Sally helped him expand the list of colleges to which he applied. She also helped him keep organized and aware of the application deadlines for the different colleges. This was a blessing to us as parents. Instead of our “nagging” to get things done, he willingly worked with Sally and got everything accomplished before the deadlines.

Aside from this practical help, Sally encouraged my son to develop his resumes and cover letters. She helped him add depth to his work and to look at himself in a positive way that would make him stand out to the different colleges. I would also add that Sally took a very personal interest in my son. She always knew what he’d been doing in his sports activities between her visits. I know it made him understand that she cared about him when she was able to talk about something she’d read or heard about him in the interim between visits.

I would highly recommend Sally Mehaffey as a college counselor. Her knowledge of many different colleges, their specific expectations, the requirements for each, and how to prepare quality applications was clear at every visit. With her help, my son will now attend his first-choice college this fall.


I heard about Sally through my senior English teacher during the fall when I was about to start applying for colleges. She said Sally might be able to help me so I contacted her and immediately received feedback. Sally was very organized and very helpful throughout our sessions. She would come to my house every week and sit down with me and discuss my college options.

She had a lot of useful insight and access to very useful information about the schools I wanted to apply to, that I would not have been able to access otherwise. She was very open minded and listened to everything I told her about what kind of school I wanted to attend, and she also kept things in perspective. This gave me a very sufficient and realistic outlook on what schools suited me best and which schools I had a chance of getting into. I applied to ten schools and I never would have thought to apply to three of them without Sally’s help.

I would strongly recommend anyone to look into Sally’s services. Applying for college can be very stressful especially with the work load of a high school senior, and Sally truly helps the application process become easier,organized, clearer, and a lot less stressful.

Beginning my college search to transfer to a four year school, I wasn't quite sure where or what options were open for me. Having someone listen to my wants for my future school took a huge load off of my shoulders. College Connections really opened my eyes to so much more than I had ever thought of. I learned about so many scholarships and other programs to help out financially. With the help from Sally, I found myself transferring to a school in Missouri and I absolutely love it! I was able to obtain many scholarships and grants that I never would have thought of applying for without the helpful tips from College Connections. It was a great experience and I recommend any student to give it a try!

My daughter and I first visited with Sally in the fall of 2010. We were in need of someone to organize our approach to applying to colleges. Having graduated from UC Berkeley, I was intent on making sure my daughter applied to the UC system. We were also intent on applying only to California schools.

Sally did a comprehensive and sensible investigation into my daughter’s grades, interests and extra curricular activities. She took the time to ask her a lot of good questions. She then proceeded to give us a list of colleges she thought might work for my daughter. I was shocked to see out of state colleges on that list. After a number of sessions with Sally, my daughter started the application process.

As a result of Sally’s knowledge and vision, my daughter ended up applying to a number of out of state colleges. My California daughter is now a freshman at Washington State University. Sally took the time to educate us about all sorts of different opportunities available to her. Sally really cares about her clients. Using Sally’s services made my daughter’s application process less hectic, better thought out and very organized. If you are interested in finding the right college fit for your son or daughter, call Sally Mehaffey!


Sally and College Connections were so helpful during my college search and selection process. My first meeting with Sally was extremely helpful in that she asked me a lot about my likes and dislikes and what I was looking for in a college and then did research on possible schools I would like. She kept me very organized and on top of application due dates via the College Connections website and email.

I really appreciated Sally's knowledge about so many schools I had never heard of and her encouragement to look at a wide variety of colleges to ensure I would select the right one for me. Each meeting was very personal and individualized to my specific likes and dislikes.

Sally really made the application process easy, clear, and organized, and I am so happy I had such wonderful help during that stressful time. I highly recommend Sally and College Connections to anyone looking for an organized, informative, and stress free college application process!



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