Welcome to College Connections!

College Connections is a college counseling practice working with students and their families in the greater East Bay communities as well as locations afar. 

Urban, suburban or rural…..oh my! Public or private …..oh my! In-state or out of state…..oh my! The college search journey is abundant with unexpected opportunities and many roads from which to choose. Also, like Dorothy and her friends, the majority of students will find their “Oz” on May 1st with their final college selection decision. With over 4,000 two-year junior colleges and four-year colleges and universities in the United States, there is an astounding number of colleges to select from. This in itself can create confusion and stress for both parents and students.

College Connections' goal is to provide an individual “road map” for each student and his or her family that will assist them in navigating the college search process. This is accomplished through:

  • Counseling students individually or with their parents regarding the college selection process
  • Assisting in the creation of a personal college application list
  • Consulting on which college entrance exams are most appropriate and when to schedule testing
  • Establishing a realistic schedule for applications and deadlines
  • Reviewing college applications and/or essays
  • Answering financial aid questions
  • Giving families back their “family time” allowing parents and students to focus on enjoying their time together

College Connections will assist you in the college search journey. The path is never straight, but it is full of new experiences, stimulating conversations, broadening trips and the passage from childhood to young adulthood. College Connections looks forward to accompanying students and parents on this exciting adventure. Please call (925-367-6369) or e-mail to begin your college exploration with College Connections. This is the first step down the road.


College Connections
950-B Risa Rd.
Lafayette, CA 94549

Phone : 925-367-6369
Email : sallymeh@gmail.com

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